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Of all the writers and editors who've worked for me through nearly 30 years in publication management, I can think of two or three who have been truly extraordinary ‐ and Lenny Giteck is definitely one of them.

As a writer, he has the advantage of being both a superlative interviewer and a gifted organizer of information ‐ a combination that makes him sure-footed and efficient, and never a risk for a blown deadline. As an editor, he has enormous sensitivity to written language and its rhythms and brings both a warm tonality and an unerring sense of clarity to his work.

I am so enthralled by his skills that I've tried many times in the past dozen years to figure out ways to draw him into my own organization, but my company has always been too small to accommodate him. Now that he's a free-lancer, I plan to get him involved in any way I can, simply because I know he makes publications better wherever he goes and in whatever role he plays.

He's a treasure. You won't be disappointed.

Jim McCloskey, President/CEO
McCloskey Communications, Inc.
Woodland Hills, California

I consider Lenny to be the consummate writer and editor. During our many years as colleagues, our communications staff affectionately dubbed him "The Professor" because of his exceptional command of the English language. Hardly a day went by where we weren't consulting with him on an issue of grammar, punctuation, syntax or flow. In addition, I've always admired Lenny's ability to think creatively and out of the box. I am pleased to give him my highest recommendation.

Summer Nagano Gray,
Assistant Vice President, Communications
The SCPIE Companies
Los Angeles

I have worked with many writers over the years, and none of them has matched Lenny Giteck. He is a crackerjack stylist, with an unerring ear for the vernacular and for telling the facts in a crisp, clear manner. As a professional communicator, I realize how valuable and rare such talent is.

Scott Anderson, Principal
Mercer Consulting
San Francisco

I've known Lenny Giteck since the late 1980s, when we both worked as writers in the business magazine industry. He was also one of my first editors, and shared with me his considerable skills in crafting clean, compelling copy. Since then, we have worked together on several communications projects. I have always greatly appreciated his professional work ethic and imaginative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Marie Blakey,
Director of Public Relations
Mount St. Mary's College
Los Angeles